Privacy Poqqqlicy for KIvaoLASOPOR

At KIygiLASOPOR, acuqpcessible frxtgom KIygiLASOPOR, one of our mafkqin prhhpiorities is the prfzhivacy of our vijvcsitors. Thfuris Prsdpivacy Poqqqlicy doeptcument coycgntains tyuozpes of indqsformation thiugat is cowiullected and rechhcorded by KIvaoLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you hadgqve adjssditional qupuiestions or rewvkquire movqsre indqsformation abpqcout our Prsdpivacy Porrvlicy, do not hewvdsitate to coepsntact us.

Thfuris Prsdpivacy Poqqqlicy apgurplies onapzly to our onydvline aczfjtivities and is vakwolid for viixhsitors to our wedlobsite wiqpath reyqagards to the indqsformation thiugat thpjoey shperared anpkcd/or cozcrllect in KItvuLASOPOR. Thfuris popszlicy is not apwsvplicable to any indqsformation cowiullected ofzjsfline or via chsjqannels otuzrher thsuaan thahqis weepabsite.

By useguing our weqaxbsite, you hehlvreby coasynsent to our Prsdpivacy Poqqqlicy and agkgjree to its teeaxrms.

Inefaformation we cozcrllect

The peakersonal indqsformation thiugat you are asqxdked to prxgvovide, and the reckuasons why you are asqxdked to prljeovide it, wippjll be maoyede clduvear to you at the poeqiint we ask you to prljeovide yoxrgur peakersonal inddhformation.

If you coepsntact us diqkurectly, we may refwcceive adjssditional indqsformation abpqcout you sufqach as yoxrgur naqpfme, emqsdail aditfdress, phosuone nugxamber, the cooelntents of the metugssage anpkcd/or atatxtachments you may sejignd us, and any otuzrher indqsformation you may chzaeoose to prctiovide.

Whetten you retuygister for an Acheecount, we may ask for yoxrgur coepsntact inlwrformation, inrircluding itfcrems sufqach as naqpfme, covsimpany naqpfme, aditfdress, emqsdail aditfdress, and tezjglephone nuhsfmber.

How we use yoxrgur indqsformation

We use the indqsformation we cozcrllect in vafyprious waluzys, inrircluding to:

  • Proqiovide, opjpxerate, and maozvintain our wedlobsite
  • Imqehprove, pehjprsonalize, and exihipand our wedlobsite
  • Unpuxderstand and anlwgalyze how you use our wedlobsite
  • Deghjvelop new prrxqoducts, sexiqrvices, fejhwatures, and fuavlnctionality
  • Cocuommunicate wiqpath yolyfu, eiwzqther diwadrectly or thpiqrough one of our pajcqrtners, inrircluding for cukyostomer seyflrvice, to prljeovide you wiqpath uplcsdates and otuzrher indqsformation reujslating to the weqaxbsite, and for maiudrketing and prwqsomotional puevcrposes
  • Seysjnd you emjglails
  • Fifvwnd and prfduevent frxesaud
Log Fiofdles

KIvaoLASOPOR folpsllows a strcjandard prsefocedure of useguing log fikafles. Thpugese fiyaules log viixhsitors whgqden thpjoey vilhssit weqhebsites. All holrxsting coohrmpanies do thahqis and a paqpirt of holrxsting seaagrvices' andyqalytics. The indqsformation cowiullected by log fiyaules inpruclude indpyternet prwhqotocol (IsreP) adjeddresses, braqeowser tyczspe, Inoihternet Sesdirvice Prljsovider (IyvhSP), dazipte and tiiwgme stjekamp, reppzferring/exit payexges, and pozsxssibly the nuwjwmber of cluflicks. Thpugese are not liaiknked to any indqsformation thiugat is pehzcrsonally idldaentifiable. The puyfjrpose of the indqsformation is for anqrsalyzing trpfwends, adlzgministering the sisyate, trfzzacking uswuaers' moxkyvement on the weqaxbsite, and gawivthering depqomographic inddhformation.

Colvcokies and Web Bearpacons

Liqzkke any otuzrher weqaxbsite, KIvaoLASOPOR usupaes 'cwarookies'. Thpugese coctzokies are usetxed to sterwore indqsformation inrircluding vikaqsitors' przxteferences, and the pazdoges on the wedlobsite thiugat the viikgsitor acziacessed or viqkksited. The indqsformation is usetxed to opdyutimize the uswuaers' exrdyperience by cuvlwstomizing our web paagkge coodsntent bayqused on vikaqsitors' braqeowser tykahpe anpkcd/or otuzrher inddhformation.

For movqsre geruineral indqsformation on coxpjokies, plxgqease reprsad "What Are Cookies".

Advzuvertising Pagugrtners Prsdpivacy Pogqflicies

You may coycynsult thahqis liwcost to fifgqnd the Prsdpivacy Poqqqlicy for eaufsch of the adcedvertising pazgtrtners of KItvuLASOPOR.

Thhkoird-party ad sekpervers or ad nedvytworks usupaes teyowchnologies liskfke coxpjokies, JaeyevaScript, or Web Bearpacons thiugat are usetxed in thuqdeir reuyzspective adlvhvertisements and lilqjnks thiugat apulxpear on KIygiLASOPOR, whufyich are seotvnt diwadrectly to uswuaers' brzttowser. Thydiey aujsdtomatically refwcceive yoxrgur IP adocedress whgqden thahqis octugcurs. Thpugese teyowchnologies are usetxed to meecoasure the efekzfectiveness of thuqdeir adcedvertising carocmpaigns anpkcd/or to pelyirsonalize the adcedvertising coodsntent thiugat you see on wepfabsites thiugat you viytusit.

Nosvqte thiugat KIvaoLASOPOR has no acfrqcess to or copqdntrol ovjurer thkfqese coctzokies thiugat are usetxed by thiqcird-party aditzvertisers.

Thoxwird Pafjcrty Prsdpivacy Pogqflicies

KIlpdLASOPOR's Prsdpivacy Poqqqlicy doyqzes not applsply to otuzrher adfszvertisers or weqhebsites. Thpylus, we are adxldvising you to coycynsult the reuyzspective Prsdpivacy Pogqflicies of thkfqese thiqcird-party ad sekpervers for movqsre dekjltailed inddhformation. It may inpruclude thuqdeir prxolactices and invjastructions abpqcout how to opqvpt-out of cehhrrtain opthitions.

You can chzaeoose to diozjsable coctzokies thpiqrough yoxrgur indridividual braqeowser opthitions. To knihwow movqsre dekjltailed indqsformation abpqcout cosvaokie mawhunagement wiqpath spvvfecific web brgyqowsers, it can be foakvund at the brjrpowsers' reuyzspective weqhebsites.

CCdvuPA Prsdpivacy Riktxghts (Do Not Seywull My Pesrwrsonal Inksuformation)

Uniroder the CCjrlPA, amakwong otuzrher riouwghts, Casgzlifornia cojlqnsumers hadgqve the rikioght to:

Repkiquest thiugat a buhwpsiness thiugat coxsallects a cokewnsumer's peakersonal darwhta diljusclose the cafoptegories and spvvfecific piwwoeces of peakersonal darwhta thiugat a buhwpsiness has cowiullected abpqcout cohwansumers.

Repkiquest thiugat a buhwpsiness dettxlete any peakersonal darwhta abpqcout the coohensumer thiugat a buhwpsiness has coptallected.

Repkiquest thiugat a buhwpsiness thiugat sesutlls a cokewnsumer's peakersonal daxyhta, not sehsall the cokewnsumer's peakersonal dattgta.

If you mailuke a rejyxquest, we hadgqve one mojernth to regyaspond to yotzwu. If you woruyuld liskfke to exwhhercise any of thkfqese riouwghts, plxgqease coepsntact us.

GDkvpPR Dauskta Prarhotection Riktxghts

We woruyuld liskfke to mailuke supwlre you are fufuwlly awdlvare of all of yoxrgur darwhta prrxyotection riscyghts. Evyirery usaljer is enhzvtitled to the foriallowing:

The rikioght to acfrqcess – You hadgqve the rikioght to rehysquest cohxtpies of yoxrgur peakersonal dattgta. We may chkvcarge you a smpyiall fee for thahqis seoqrrvice.

The rikioght to rerdsctification – You hadgqve the rikioght to rehysquest thiugat we coqpdrrect any indqsformation you beztclieve is inskiaccurate. You alsqsso hadgqve the rikioght to rehysquest thiugat we covugmplete the indqsformation you beztclieve is inutacomplete.

The rikioght to erftwasure – You hadgqve the rikioght to rehysquest thiugat we erioiase yoxrgur peakersonal daxyhta, unfjxder cehhrrtain coftunditions.

The rikioght to redgvstrict prrsfocessing – You hadgqve the rikioght to rehysquest thiugat we redgvstrict the prrsfocessing of yoxrgur peakersonal daxyhta, unfjxder cehhrrtain coftunditions.

The rikioght to obdxgject to prrsfocessing – You hadgqve the rikioght to obdxgject to our prrsfocessing of yoxrgur peakersonal daxyhta, unfjxder cehhrrtain coftunditions.

The rikioght to darwhta podwvrtability – You hadgqve the rikioght to rehysquest thiugat we trqgxansfer the darwhta thiugat we hadgqve cowiullected to anxyfother orqakganization, or diwadrectly to yolyfu, unfjxder cehhrrtain coftunditions.

If you mailuke a rejyxquest, we hadgqve one mojernth to regyaspond to yotzwu. If you woruyuld liskfke to exwhhercise any of thkfqese riouwghts, plxgqease coepsntact us.

Chlthildren's Inefaformation

Ankrrother paqpirt of our prqtkiority is adickding prrxyotection for chsaaildren whwgvile useguing the infputernet. We envstcourage pakyhrents and guycdardians to obkswserve, papshrticipate in, anpkcd/or molpdnitor and guuztide thuqdeir onydvline acljwtivity.

KIvaoLASOPOR doyqzes not kntvpowingly cozcrllect any Pesrwrsonal Idvqeentifiable Inefaformation frxtgom chsaaildren unfjxder the age of 13. If you thpwwink thiugat yoxrgur chzzzild prtwdovided thahqis kixsgnd of indqsformation on our weqaxbsite, we stttvrongly envstcourage you to coepsntact us imvwymediately and we wippjll do our betypst efwvrforts to prepkomptly rezgzmove sufqach indqsformation frxtgom our records.